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16 species of common garden greening trees are recommended


Now, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's daily life at home is more and more inseparable from the foil of plants, one is for beauty, the other is to purify the air. Now we introduce 16 different trees and plants, each of which has its own characteristics. It is very helpful to cultivate them for the beauty of our family. We hope that every friend can have a poetic and picturesque atmosphere Home!
1. Palm, also known as palm tree. It has ornamental value. The trunk can also be used as Pavilion pillars. Brown hair can be used as medicine. Its function is to stop astringency and stop bleeding. It is mainly used to treat vomiting, metrorrhagia and other diseases. It has the function of generating wealth and protecting wealth in geomantic omen.
2. The orange tree is the orange tree. Orange and auspicious homophony, symbol of auspiciousness, fruit color is red, yellow, full of festivity, potted sweet orange is an important decoration for people's families in the Spring Festival, and orange leaves have the function of soothing the liver and relieving depression, which can bring happiness to the family.
3. Bamboo. Su Dongpo said: it is better to eat without meat than to live without bamboo. Bamboo is a symbol of elegance and vulgarity, fearless of the southeast and northwest wind, and can become the Fengshui shelter forest for home.
4. Chinese toon. Therefore, the toon tree is a sign of longevity, and later generations took it as the father's name. It has the function of protecting the house and praying for longevity in Fengshui.
5. Sophora japonica. The wood of Sophora japonica is hard. It can be green tree and street tree. It is considered to represent Lu in geomantic omen. The ancient imperial court planted three locust trees and nine thorns. The official of Gongqing sat under it, and those facing the three locust trees were called Sangong. Therefore, the Sophora tree has the highest grade among the trees and has authority in the town.
6. Osmanthus. It is said that there are Osmanthus fragrans in the middle of the month, and Osmanthus fragrans is also known as rhinoceros. The osmanthus twigs can be used as medicine to expel wind evil and harmonize. Song Zhiwen's words said: Guizi moon set, Tianxiang cloud floating. Osmanthus fragrans is a symbol of high purity. In summer, Osmanthus fragrans is a natural air freshener.
7. Ganoderma lucidum. Ganoderma lucidum is warm and sweet in taste, beneficial in essence and strong in muscles and bones. Dongli Garden is a sign of longevity and has been regarded as a good omen since ancient times. It is a common theme of auspicious pictures to celebrate birthday with Ganoderma lucidum in Lukou or HEZUI.
8. May. Plum tree has strong adaptability to the soil. Its five petals have the meaning of plum blossom and five blessings, which can improve the happiness of home.
9. Banyan. It contains the meaning of tolerance, no desire is just, which helps the residents to improve their self-cultivation.
10. Jujube trees. Planting jujube trees in the courtyard, Yu early Dongli Garden to get a noble son, everything is a quick step.
11. Pomegranate. It contains the auspicious omen of many sons and many blessings. It has a rich and noble atmosphere.
12. Grapes. Vines entwined with vines symbolize intimacy. Since ancient times, it has been said that there will be a meeting in Dongli Garden on the Tanabata under the grape trellis. In summer, it is also a great pleasure to cool off in the shade of grapes.
13. Begonia. The flowers bloom brightly, which makes the house full of wealth and honor. The flower of Tangdi symbolizes the harmony of brothers and the harmony of happiness.
14. Apricot trees. Apricot is an excellent fruit tree in China, which belongs to the rose deciduous tree, distributed in the north of China. The western part of Beijing is covered with mountains and fields, with luxuriant branches and lush foliage.
15. Peach trees. Peach is a deciduous tree with black bark. It is a common fruit tree and ornamental plant. In addition to raw food, it can also be dried and canned. Peach wood has the meaning to ward off evil spirits, and the ancient Taofu also means this meaning.
16. Chestnut tree. Chestnut tree, deciduous tree, its fruit is called chestnut. The kernel is sweet and edible. Chestnut is one of the earliest fruit trees cultivated in China, with a cultivation history of 2000-3000 years.
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