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What should be paid attention to in courtyard decoration design?


Today, I'd like to introduce how courtyard decoration can meet people's sensory needs. What problems should be paid attention to in courtyard decoration design? The unique courtyard decoration can not only reflect the master's good taste of life, but also can enhance people's aesthetic taste and give people the pleasure of sensory beauty. Courtyard decoration in modern life has become the pursuit of fashion, an art of life. The courtyard decoration is also unique in the layout of the courtyard, the decoration of the hall, the decoration of the beams and columns, the color painting of the ceiling, and the furnishings of the furniture.
The vestibule or side of the courtyard is decorated with a small courtyard or garden, decorated with flower beds and pools, planted with flowers and trees, and placed with bonsai. If you have a pool in your yard, you can't help but say that the best partner of the pool is the outdoor deck chair. Summer in the water play, tired can be in the reclining chair comfortable sleep for a while. The walls are decorated with brick carvings, stone carved windows, or long stone tables, stone benches, and ornamented with small pieces, which make the architecture, landscape, flowers and trees integrated into one. The courtyard is small, which is quite interesting in the garden and reflects the organic function of the building. But what factors should be paid attention to in courtyard decoration design? Recommended reading: living room furniture placed Feng Shui
Garden decoration and greening: the position, shape, proportion and texture of the elements of the garden should be visually appropriate to achieve "balance", which is similar to the composition requirements of painting and photography, but the garden is three-dimensional and multi perspective viewing. Green vegetation is an indispensable part of courtyard decoration. Green represents vigorous vitality and is a symbol of vitality. Coupled with several beautiful potted plants and shrubs, it is more intimate and natural. Exquisite wood carvings, fresh color paintings, couplets, hall plaques, strip screen calligraphy and paintings rich in educational significance, as well as furniture and hall furnishings full of moral meaning reflect Huizhou ancient people's living room The decoration is simple and harmonious, fresh and elegant.
The courtyard is decorated with pavilions, guests are toasting and playing some beautiful music. Isn't such a scene of great style? The reason why green vegetation is loved by people in the garden decoration is not only stay in the ornamental level, but also because of its usability. Green vegetation can absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen to keep the air fresh, so greening is considered as the soul of courtyard decoration. This kind of garden decoration allows you to feel nature and close to nature at any time. Let the noisy mind calm down, feel self, listen to the voice from the heart, integrate with it into the nature, return to the true self, and feel Xinning! The combination of purple, blue purple and red purple is to achieve conspicuous contrast effect with the help of subtle color difference in coordination. Recommend you to read: living room decorative painting Feng Shui
The elements of garden decoration design: how to put the family decoration plants? In the design of this plant combination, a small number of yellow and purple ornamental plants can make the whole combination achieve better coordination and highlight the characteristics of other plant elements in the combination. Courtyard design organizes regular training for professional workers, and constantly develops new construction and construction methods in the construction process. Designers are also designing construction practices, and the artistic performance of important parts is personally participated by designers. Contrast color and complementary color. Foliage plants can give a sense of tranquility and comfort through ingenious combination. In dealing with this combination, the subtle difference in the depth of green can be used as a criterion for plant location. Color, hue and tone. Primary and light colors. They are all part of the color factor. Tone can make the atmosphere lively and calm the mood. Node garden, boxwood flower bed, brick floor, wooden post fence, all of which form the garden style. The more time and effort you spend, the better. Sometimes small details can strengthen the style, but also destroy the style.
Garden decoration furniture: the plants in Chinese style courtyard are mainly natural trees, and the famous flowers in front of and behind the house, such as bamboo, chrysanthemum, pine, osmanthus, peony, Magnolia and begonia, are often used to set off the atmosphere and blend the feelings and scenes. In the villa area, it is the most common and relatively complete, because the general villa area has independent small garden. In the small garden, put a few tables and chairs, set up a sun umbrella, sit down to drink wine, taste tea, chat, play chess, so petty bourgeoisie sentiment is produced. If you can put a wooden swing chair or a cane hammock, it will be more complete Beautiful, usually used garden ornaments are pottery pot, pottery, beautiful vase, flowerpot, rain flower stone and so on.
We have always insisted that service is above everything, solve problems and problems, and continue, stable, balanced, win-win is the core concept of the company, quality first, value-added service, efficient work. Match the garden to the building. Reuse the same theme, shape, color, style and building materials. Integrate the building into the garden by using yards, platforms, trees, balconies, fences and other things. The courtyard of European and American style focuses on the natural landscape garden composed of trees, grassland and flowers, paying attention to the wild and natural.
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