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Layers are scattered to create comfortable space for sunken courtyard


It is hard to imagine that this small Victorian garden can become an urban oasis full of tropical flavor after careful construction.

Outdoor wooden trellis form a contrast with warm yellow walls and cold colored floor tiles, making the small space look warm and bright. The interior design elements, such as the green decoration on the courtyard wall like the Interior Gypsum line, the furnishings on the fireplace, and the ceiling fan on the top, make people forget that this is outdoor.
Ingenious spatial layout
The main space of the courtyard is a 4.8 × 4.8-meter terrace, which is built on the top of the garage and connected with the living room and kitchen of the house. Spiral stairs connect it with the sunken garden of 4.8 × 7.6 meters, from which you can easily get in and out of the study. The balcony on the top floor just uses the ceiling of the balcony below, connecting with the bedroom, forming a private leisure space.
In the three different levels of space, the sunken courtyard is paved with Victorian gray slate, showing elegant temperament. The terrace and balcony on the ground are paved with simple wooden floor, creating a comfortable rural atmosphere.

Above the sunken garden is a small practical terrace. The simple wood floor and luxuriant plants are powerful means to create a small courtyard or terrace with leisure feeling.
Use materials to increase permeability
The bright and relaxing colors and materials of the underground floor, such as the Yellow plaster wall and the green decorative line on the top of the wall, bring the comfortable interior decoration elements to the outdoor, making it as warm as the interior. Wooden trellis and iron doors on the balcony allow light and air to flow smoothly into the courtyard.
In order to make the originally narrow space not crowded, a bench integrated with the fence is installed in the sunken courtyard, which not only saves space, but also meets the demand for sufficient seats for dinner parties. The glass tabletop can withstand the test of wind and rain, and hidden in people's sight, so that the space looks more transparent.

The wall type sunshade on the small terrace not only saves space, but also blocks the strong sunlight and rain, which makes people enjoy outdoor life more comfortably.
Iron door inside is a small balcony on the upper floor, which not only ensures the safety, but also maintains the open line of sight. A group of outdoor furniture is placed on the balcony, making it a good place to sit down and bask in the sun.
Indoor elements enhance outdoor comfort
Even in the dull weather, the ceiling fan on the cantilever above the sunken garden will bring cool breeze to those who enjoy the cool in the garden. In the cold season, it's time for beautiful fireplaces to play a role. The warm fire light can drive away the cold and increase the use time of outdoor space. The garden is full of tropical plants, such as palm trees, hibiscus flowers, black leaf taro, annual plants and vines, which fill the flower boxes and flowerpots, bringing a sense of vitality to the small courtyard, as well as blocking the outside view and protecting privacy. The noise of the street was drowned by the sound of the small fountain.

Two comfortable chairs bring a sense of relaxation visually. The benches connected by the wall and the wooden fence provide more leisure space, which is very compact and concise. A transparent glass table top in the middle is very practical, and makes the space look not crowded at all.

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